How to configure existing venv created in Command Prompt in PyCharm

How to configure existing Venv created in Command Prompt in PyCharm_

Though PyCharm allow you to create virtual environment keeping native python installation in your machine as base, but at the same time if you have already created virtual environment in through command prompt then you can use the same to in PyCharm.

In this post we will see how we can configure existing virtual environment created using command prompt in PyCharm. Below are the steps to follow:

Lets say you already have created virtual environment under the folder myProj1 in command prompt

Here we can see we have virtual environment venv_myproj1 created under myProj1 directory. Now next we will use this virtual environment in PyCharm.

Steps to perform in PyCharm

  1. Launch the PyCharm à Go to the Project and open it
  • Go to File à setting à Go to Project à Python Interpreter à then give the path of python311.exe in the virtual environment folder
  • Now it is time to activate the virtual environment, for that you go the Pycharm Terminal at the bottom of the code window and type the command venv_myproj1\Scripts\activate this will activate you virtual environment there after what ever you install that will be available in virtual environment.
  • Now you can install any package and that will go to the virtual environment. And here we have install flask package
  • Now you can make use of installed package in your program
    • Import flask, and it work fine.

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